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Hi, welcome to our site

idt is a small but dedicated full service web design and development studio. We're designers and programmers.

idt, based in Springfield Illinois, has been in the business of producing creative web sites and functional web applications since 1991. In that time, we've worked with Fortune 500 companies like Lucent Technologies, Motorolla and AT&T as well as many businesses, organizations and individuals in our local area.

Since we are a small design studio, you'll get the attention that you and your project deserve. But rest assured, what we lack in size, we more than make up for in talent and creativity.

We'd Like for You to Meet Our Team

Donna Aschenbrenner

As proprietor of idt and our parent company DHOT, Donna brings 26 years of experience developing and managing commercial websites and 49 years of experience in the print design and typesetting industry to the team.

Donna will help plan, organize and design your project while making sure it stays on a course for success.

Jim Mayes

As idt's Senior Developer, Jim has 18 years experience designing and building sites with HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. He spent a couple years programming with ColdFusion and has been developing functionality for sites utilizing PHP and MySQL for the past 16 years.

More Information

Project Worksheet

Our Project Worksheet is a useful tool when it comes to planning, organizing and communicating the specific goals of your project.

Whether you just have the beginnings of an idea or if you're ready for us to draft a proposal, we think you'll find the Project Worksheet helpful.