Design & Development Services

We specialize in producing attractive and cleanly designed websites built with lean and manageable standards compliant (X)HTML + CSS. Inventive PHP and MySQL solutions to get your work done and a little JavaScript/DOM scripting to maximize the usability of your site.

Web Design & HTML Development

We believe that a good design doesn't get in the way of your message. So we create clean, attractive designs that let your website communicate clearly. But a quality website isn't just pretty on the outside, it needs to be built properly. We leverage our exceptional understanding of web standards to build sites that are efficient, well structured, accessible and easy to manage. That means your pages will load faster, place better in search engines, be viewable by more people on more browsers and cost you less to maintain down the road.

Web Application Programming

We have a lot of experience developing for the PHP/MySQL environment. So of course we can install, integrate and customize many popular open source software packages for you, like WordPress, PunBB, Plogger and Zen-Cart (just to name a few). But our real specialty is developing custom features and functionality to meet the specific needs that you have.

In the past we've created everything from simple contact forms, and hit/click counters to online certification tests, event registrations, subscription and user access systems, job listing services and property listing management tools. We appreciate elegance and efficiency in our programming as much as we do in our design work. So we'll build you tools that are powerful enough to get the job done while being simple and easy to use.

Hosting Services & Domain Registration

idt also provides comprehensive hosting solutions which can include email, traffic statistics and PHP/MySQL services. We'll put together a hosting package to meet the requirements of hosting your site.

As a Network Solutions Partner, we can assist you in searching for and purchasing domain registrations as well as SSL certificates to secure your site. idt can also provide online payment gateway services as an Authorize.Net Associate Reseller.

More Information

Project Worksheet

Our Project Worksheet is a useful tool when it comes to planning, organizing and communicating the specific goals of your project.

Whether you just have the beginnings of an idea or if you're ready for us to draft a proposal, we think you'll find the Project Worksheet helpful.